I think this is what should have been highlighted by the mods if the goal was to shine a light on toxicity. The shitty comments people leave are a symptom of their very intentional radicalization.No one likes to think they have been manipulated, but it exactly as you explained. There are literal playbooks on how to psychologically manipulate the more malleable parts of communities full of introverted people.

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Jean Grey and Storm are very strong women, and Storm serves as leader of the XMen after Cyclops leaves after the Dark Phoenix saga. Sam Wilson takes in the Captain America mantle as one point.Go through Image and Dark Horse and DC, and marvel, and LOOK because you won have to go to far to see representation rampant in the medium, and in the televised franchises. Static Shock was very popular when I was a kid.

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The rising cost of insurance is directly tied medical and car

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