I don’t know how you can look at this and say Tony wasn’t screwed and Conor wasn’t shown favoritism. How can you look at any of this and say yeah the UFC really did a good job handling this? Almost at every turn the UFC actively did the wrong but convenient thing for themselves and McGregor at the expense of everyone, particularly Tony.That said, although I do enjoy these discussions in any event, we should be clear that the ultimately outcome would be the same even if they had stripped Conor and promoted Tony before 223.Khabib wasn fighting at 223 without the undisputed title on the line. So if they had stripped Conor earlier, and promoted Tony, he still would have been stripped (albeit of the undisputed rather than interim title) in advance of 223.And then the lineage would be even more fakakta.

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I wont take his calls even tho I owe him so much for his help

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