Edit: For people who don understand, like her, family tragedy, health issues outside your control, working two full time jobs, seeking education you didn have the opportunity to get, are things that may replace that «netflix» time. Sorry, but downvoting doesn make reality go away. You can praise someone achievements while still being critical of their ignorance..

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canada goose I don find it that bad playing hide and mine. Unfortunately, I never played a full 8 player game, we always played 6 (without the first mate). We tried real time with 6 but it hard, and some of my group don like the chaos of it anyway. And fuck turbo tax. They make the shit even more confusing. The last two years the feds have rejected my electronic filing and turbo tax is just like «Derp, I don know.» So I had to print out my returns and mail them the old fashioned way canada goose.

Sorry, but downvoting doesn make reality go away

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